About Marty, Our Spokesdog

About Marty

CarMart is proud to be the home of the one of the smartest, hardest-working hounds on the planet – Marty, the CarMart Spokesdog!

The “Tail” Of Marty

Born into a humble litter in suburban Champaign, Marty’s interest in all things automotive began when he started chasing cars as just a pup.

That passion increased when, right out of Canine Obedience School (where Marty graduated Magna cum Pawde), he was asked to join the pit bull crew of the renowned Mutt Motorsports Racing Team. Eventually working his way up to become the crew’s top dog, Marty was pondering his next career move when he got the offer of a lifetime.

CarMart, headquartered right in his hometown, offered him the prestigious position of mascot and consumer watchdog. Sniffing a great opportunity to share his love of all things automotive and with a desire to create off-the-leash deals everyone can afford; Marty made the move back home to Champaign.

Marty landing

Now, Marty puts every bit of his extensive vehicle know-how to work ensuring only the very best pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans make it onto the CarMart lot. He also steadfastly protects our guests from overpaying for the ride they need.

Three-time winner of the coveted Good Boy Award, Marty is energetic, quick-witted and loyal. But he’s best known for fetching you the best deal possible. As Marty himself says, “No bones about it, Drive Smart with CarMart!”

Get A Doggone Great Deal With Marty & CarMart!

Let Marty smooth out any “ruff” patches in your search for a new ride. (He’s one sly dog when it comes to getting credit approvals as well.) Marty is here to be your guide dog. He’ll find the ride you need at the price you want.

Remember, when you shop CarMart, you’re always leader of the pack!